This week's theme for daily post photo challenge is satisfaction. Isn't it a very subjective feeling? I don't think any one thing can ever satisfy me. There have been different things at different points of time in my life that have satisfied me immensely.  Come to think of it, every moment has a different source... Continue Reading →

Bilaspur town has been a historically important town of India. Not many know that this town, that is presently a part of the Bilaspur district of the state of Himachal Pradesh, India, was the center of the independent state of Bilaspur (the area of the present district) till 1954. I stayed here for one day... Continue Reading →

What if I fall? What if the rope breaks? What if the balance is lost? What if the momentum breaks in the middle? What if??? While I was struggling with the many 'what if's in my mind, I realized that my mental stress as an onlooker was absolutely unnecessary. And then I saw the monks... Continue Reading →

Playing with the sand in Sam desert, Rajasthan, she realized she can't hold on to it. The sand sifted through her fingers. Like waves it went to meet the sea it belonged to. As the sand escaped to meet its ever-changing desert, she looked at the sun going down. She realized change in that very moment,... Continue Reading →

This is my second post for the weekly photo challenge. I loved the concept of this weekly photo challenge that provides a theme and you get a chance to respond to it in your own way through one or more photographs. One reason I fell in love with this challenge was because it gave me... Continue Reading →

Somewhere in the middle of the old market of Sambhar, Rajasthan I witnessed the making of Phenia (a kind of sweet) : for Photo Challenge: Focus

Hall of Nations and Halls of Industries, Pragati Maidan, Delhi: A beginning, an end and an opinion

23rd April, 2017. The iconic structures were demolished overnight. I have had a soft corner for these structures for various reasons. As a child I was introduced to them as creations of my granduncle Mr. Mahendra Raj; as an architecture student I visited these structures while interning at the office of Ar. Raj Rewal (the architect... Continue Reading →

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