Nature, Life and Time: Transient

This is my second post for the weekly photo challenge. I loved the concept of this weekly photo challenge that provides a theme and you get a chance to respond to it in your own way through one or more photographs. One reason I fell in love with this challenge was because it gave me a chance to revisit my numerous folders of clicks that I have collected over the last six to seven years now. Some of my photographs were clicked only because my heart told my feet not to budge unless I capture the moment. And then, those moments became memories and could have been lost in the transience of time, if I did not get these weekly chances to get back and revisit my galleries of moments.

Personally, I choose to share one image per challenge and let it speak for itself. Like everything else that is transient, the meaning of transient for me might change soon too. But today, transience for me looks like:

The pieces that were once solid rock, Twigs that were trees, Pine needles that were fresh dark green once, The butterfly that belongs to the earth right now will flutter away in a moment to be one with the sky, like it was a moment ago, Life that made a brown caterpillar grow wings of such beauty, Transient. All of this, all of us will be dust sooner or later. This moment; Every moment: Transient.Β 

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