In Pursuit of Peace

One of the scariest bridges I have witnessed till now. Hanging by a single rope the swinging seat (locally called ‘jhula’) is to be occupied in a way that the weight is balanced. It is an effective manual pulley system in use. But oh so scary!!!! This rope bridge covers one of the deepest gorges of Himachal Pradesh, in the Spiti district, near Key Monastery. This is the only connection to a small village of the district and these monks were returning to the monastery from the village where they had gone to offer prayers.

What if I fall? What if the rope breaks? What if the balance is lost? What if the momentum breaks in the middle?
What if???
While I was struggling with the many ‘what if’s in my mind, I realized that my mental stress as an onlooker was absolutely unnecessary. And then I saw the monks who were hanging by the rope in the middle of the deepest gorge I had seen. All smiles I saw. All smiles!

Some day I hope, some day, I too can smile even when I’m hanging by a rope. Some day, I will have the peace and courage to bear it all with a smile.

via Photo Challenge: Bridge


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