A Submerged Town

Bilaspur town has been a historically important town of India. Not many know that this town, that is presently a part of the Bilaspur district of the state of Himachal Pradesh, India, was the center of the independent state of Bilaspur (the area of the present district) till 1954.

I stayed here for one day while travelling to Palampur from Shimla. In the evening while I was sipping tea in the Himachal Tourism Restaurant which faces the famous Gobind Sagar lake, I saw something unusual. I saw Shikharas of structures that looked like old stone temples popping out of the water surface. Intrigued, I asked for an explanation and the mystery unfolded along with a fact that I found truly unusual.

The present town of Bilaspur is a completely new town. The old town of Bilaspur is submerged under this man-made lake after it was created as a result of damming of the river Sutlej. I am still intrigued by this fact and am looking forward to visit Bilaspur and read more about this for a proper blog.

For now, just showing you the unusual character of this town whose history, quite literally, lies beneath the quite surface of water. A displaced history lies under this displaced form of nature. Unusual!



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