This week’s theme for daily post photo challenge is satisfaction.

Isn’t it a very subjective feeling? I don’t think any one thing can ever satisfy me. There have been different things at different points of time in my life that have satisfied me immensely.  Come to think of it, every moment has a different source of satisfaction, doesn’t it?

Since there is no one thing that I can point out that signifies satisfaction for me, for this challenge, I’ll share something from the things I do. The first thing that came to my mind was the random artwork I do sometimes. I’m a very abstract sketcher. More like a doodler. And my doodles are all about lines. It’s like I’m obsessed with lines when it comes to drawing something. Give me a pen and paper and you’ll see the paper filled with lines in various forms. So here are some examples of my ‘art-work’:

satisfaction (5)
One of my lecture series : This was the form of my notes as a back-bencher in college. Before becoming a mode of satisfaction, doodling was THE way to keep me awake and, believe it or not, concentrate on what was being said during college lectures.
satisfaction (2)
Few lines before going to bed everyday became a habit very soon. This is a zoomed in image of one of my most intricate pen on paper drawing.
satisfaction (6)
And then lines had to become a part of daily life. It took half a Sunday to make my new shoes.
satisfaction (7)
Even the empty juice bottles couldn’t escape. I painted some for daily use as water bottles and some even became a part of my home decor :).

Coming back to satisfaction. As of now, visiting these past activities and going through photographs of similar stuff I did is giving me immense satisfaction. I have not done any artwork since the past six months. This post is now speaking to me and telling me to get back to it. Now!!



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